Camlocks and Camlock Systems

What is a camlock?

Camlocks are a type of locking system commonly used in a variety of applications where a secure locking system is required. Euro-Locks supplies a range of camlocks and camlock systems in multiple housing lengths designed for use in desk and office furniture, filing cabinets, postal boxes, automotive accessories, enclosures and more. We also design and manufacture custom locks for unique applications.

How do camlocks work?

Camlocks require a key or tool to rotate the cam within a cam lock base. The base unit comprises of the housing and the barrel. As the cam is rotated within the base, it locks and unlocks. This mechanism creates a simple but versatile latch-type locking system that works as a secure system for doors, drawers and more.

Camlock types

There are several camlock types available, depending on the application they are intended for. For more information on the types of camlocks available, view our range of disc tumbler locks, mini camlocks, standard camlocks and slamlocks by clicking the links above. Our range of cams and quality camlock fittings come in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and brass, and locks come in a range of finishes and colours to suit your project.

Not the right lock type for you? Other types of camlocks can also be found in the following categories:

For help selecting the right camlock for your project, please email our team of specialists who will be happy to advise. Alternatively, you can call us on +32-61-212-261.