Combination Lock 2800

Combination Lock 2800
Technical Drawing

The 2800 mechanical combination lock is a 4 wheel combination lock featuring up to 10,000 unique combinations. With a robust design, range of options and simplicity of use this lock is suitable for a broad range of applications including lockers and office furniture.

A simple button allows the user to set their own pin code and change it at any time, whilst the innovative code finding function allows emergency access in the event of lost or forgotten codes. The high quality powder coated finish ensures maximum protection and fitting is made easy by the industry footprint.

For added security the combination lock is available with a ‘twist resist’ feature. Fitted with pan head screws, the 2801 solution offers increased resistance to forced entry as the screws locate in corresponding holes in the door (see Image Gallery).

User and Installation Guides can be found on our Downloads page.

Please Note: This lock is not suitable for use in ‘Public Mode’.

Product Code Body Length Body width Body depth Cam Fixing Lock Feature Code Combinations Enquire
2800 20 56 28 Screw Standard 10,000 Enquire
2801 20 56 28 Screw Twist Resist 10,000 Enquire
  • Left and right hand versions available
  • 2800 – standard with countersunk screws
  • 2801 – standard with pan head screws (twist resist)
  • Zinc die-cast construction
  • 4 Wheel Combination (10,000 Codes)
  • Code finding feature (10 Disc barrel with shutter cap)
  • Code changing function - only accessible in the un-locked position
  • Powder coated finish
  • Body - black as standard
  • Face - white, silver or black as standard
  • Other colours are available on request
  • Diameter - 56 x 28mm (protrudes from door frame)
  • Nut fixing - 3/4” - 27 UN x 20mm long (15.9mm A/F)
  • Cam fixing - 8mm Sq. with M4 thread
  • Epoxy logo badge (customer logo available on request)
Part Number Guide

Part Number Guide – 280*/-/-/--

Product Number Barrel Movement Cover Plate Finish

2800 or