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Keyless door lock features

Keyless door lock features

12 Aug 2020

Keyless door locks are a secure and advanced locking system used by a large number of organisations due to their benefits. Including the ability to change codes on a regular basis to enhance security, ensuring that users who no longer require access are not in possession of the code. Another major benefit of keyless door locks is that misplaced or stolen keys are no longer an issue. Changing an entire set of locks when you are in doubt about the building’s security in the event of lost or stolen keys can be a costly exercise and leaves you vulnerable until the replacement has been carried out.

Keyless door locks can be used for a number of applications. They can be used to secure an entire building, a single door or even for some furniture applications like cabinets, drawers or lockers. Locks, such as Euro-Locks electronic locks and digital combination locks come with their own set of features, ensuring that we can always provide the best solution for your requirements. Some of the features available with most keyless locking systems are listed below:

Features of keyless door locks explained:

  • Mechanical override lock – mechanical overrides are one of the most secure access control systems available, enabling codes to be overridden to allow access in emergency situations.​

  • Master codes – master codes allow managers to delete, restore or suspend codes, and some keyless door locks also come with a sub-master code for greater security.​

  • Private or public modes – in public mode, the lock will be open or unlocked to allow access without using a code and a code needs to be entered to lock it. In private mode, the lock will be closed or locked at all times and you will need to enter a code to unlock it.​

  • Colour – whether you are looking for a colour to suit your interior décor or looking for a discrete system, we can help. Most locking systems are supplied in black or silver yet many of our locking systems can be customised to suit your needs.​

  • Other features – Euro-Locks range of electronic and digital locks can be fitted using a wide variety of cams, spindle lengths and fixings to suit any application.

Many of our locks come with LED indicator lights, audible keypads, battery condition indicator, auto lock or unlock modes and many other features. This includes optional features such as RAS (remote allocation system), door open alarm, customisable logos and alternative finishes.

For help in selecting the best keyless door lock for your application, get in touch with Euro-Locks lock specialists who are on hand to answer all of your questions.

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